SPARO cabling and connectors

SPARO Connectors

The connectors listed below are for SPAROcables at the South Pole. Some of the cables running between devices require "pigtail" cables to run from breakout boxes to actual equipment. These connectors are also listed, broken down by cable piece. Connectors are gold plated and metal as much as possible.

SPARO to Data Systems Cabinet

SPARO to Pump Shack

SPARO to VIPER Breakout box

SPARO to SPARO Breakout box

SPARO Breakout Box to Pump Shack

Data Systems Cabinet to SPARO Breakout Box

Data Systems Cabinet to VIPER Breakout Box

Data Systems Cabinet to Pump Shack

No spare connectors were ordered for the Data Sys Power box of the Preamp Power box because spare battery boxes were created. It is unlikely that both battery boxes will have faulty connectors.

Cables whose connectors are specified COMPLETELY:

Cabling Specifications

Pinout Diagrams and Lists

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