SPARO/Viper Tasks

Feb. 2003

MT/AD     UPS for heater computer
MT/MN     Rewire network (lower priority)
BP/MT     install heater on ball screws
MT        install fail-safe on fast overcurrent shutdown sys.
MT        mirror heater isolation (lower priority)
MT        change SPARO batteries
MT/BP     test spare techrons
MT        repair Moon door wiring
MT/GN     secure all bellows (SPARO and Corona)
BP/GN     install SPARO battery rack
MT        put shells on as many D-connectors as possible
HL        SPARO 5 V and 24 V power supply
MT/MN     condenser camera
BP/MT     guard stage pressure gage camera (lower priority)
PC/MT     remove motor brackets
MN/MT     replace chopper limit switches and tie/repair cabling
MT/PC     check operation of all limit switches
MN/GN     get Viper linked into DASI pager system
AD        improve system for stowing level sensor cable
BP        improve focus attachment
BP/AD     gang plank safety
GN        debug and fix capacitance manometer gage
PC/AD     trap door handle
GN        mark encoder zero for AZ
GN        test vacuum integrity of pump line, spare pump line
BL        spare data system computer, with extra hard disks
GN/MT/HL  mirror heating system
MT        hook up condenser heaters/AD 590
BL        get timbuktu working on Paolo laptop
HL        get dual booting working on Paolo laptop
GN        test spare relief valve AD590 on SPARO
MT/HL     clear air filters on Techrons