Plans for Cooldowns

Cooldown 1

(week of 8/24/98)

Cold Tests
new suspension hold time
mechanical inspection during assembly, disassembly
indium seals leak?
do jackscrews mar surface?
microphonics copper plates microphonics tests, spectrum analyzer and Macintosh
cold electronics preamp 1 noise on Mac load curves
noise on Mac
noise on spectrum analyser
bad pixels assessment
JFET noise on spec. and on Mac
He-3 test Erik's program and TMB cycle hold time
Labview put stuff in rack test Erik's program and TMB

Before Cooldown 2:

Cooldown 2

(week of 9/21/98
Begin Assembly 9/22/98)

*note: By this time we should have blocking filters from England.
Task Need Cold Tests
jackscrew holes (2 seals) more jackscrews (JJ)
ring stand (DC, JJ, GN)
DC trains TR, JH, GN in dewar assy (Kevlar, indium, etc.): Web instructions are complete? (DC, GN)
holes for pumping line support design (GN)
feedthru location (GN)
grounding wire holes
He-3 line protection design
coverlets (leftover JJ)
bad pixels - measure resistance of T-D9 and 0.3 K
system tests. Does hwp introduce noise?
cold electronics tests - see list in 'cooldown 1'

Before Cooldown 3:

Cooldown 3

(week of 10/19/98)

new snout new groove (JJ, JS)
glue pressure window (DC)
optics tests new array lens holders (JJ, GN)
adjustable grid installed dewar stand (must be built)
half-wave plate monitor (RH, TR, JJ) RH, TR wire this. JJ build pickups
new electrical feedthrus (RH wiring) delivered 9/25 from J. Sundwall
vacuum sensor
new port for pumped pot delivered 10/1 from J. Sundwall
test gain control
train John Davis (?)

Before Cooldown 4

Cooldown 4

(week of 11/2/98)

test new indexer
Can preamps be heated without noise?
test electronic level sensor