Task Personnel Time Frame CategoryNotes
CR1Design and Build Dewar Stand JJ, DC July Required Rings to set down anywhere on either side (?)
CR2 Modify cryostat to allow removal of large-dia. indium seals JJ, DC July Required also build fixture for indium press
CR3Redesign and build Kevlar supports DC, JJ July Required Include "pins"
CR4 Add He-3 JW, DC July Required
CR5 Redesign Optics Snout JS July Required
CR6 Cold-testing/heating/(disabling?) of External He-3 Components PM, DC July-Aug- Sept-Oct Required 2(1?) kind(s) of gauges, pressure relief valve
CR7 Complete Characterization of Cryostat and Cool Down Cook Book Development DC, JH July-Aug- Sept-Oct Required
CR8 New Electrical Feedthrus: Make/procure all parts JS Aug Required Includes procuring new connectors inside preamps
CR9 Install new shaft for grid adjusters DC Aug Required also need new Huntington feedthrus
CR10 Build Optics Snout JS Aug Required
CR11 Order spare 450 micron pressure window GN Aug Required
CR12 Rebuild pumping port for pumped pot JS, GN Aug Required KF flange no good at S. Pole.
CR13 Learn how to operate conflat pumpout valve and try it JH, DC Sept Required KF flange no good at S. Pole.
CR14 Assemble Vellum files of cryostat parts DC, JS Oct Required
CR15 Spec and Buy He-4 transfer tubes for S. Pole JW Aug Required Geometry of available room on Viper is unique
CR16Procure spare for each O-ring in SPARO DC, JS Aug Required
CR17 Cold-test Optics Snout PM, DC Sept Required
CR18 Plan mechanical interface to telescope TR, GN Sept Required
CR19 Procure external plumbing for pumped pot PM, GN Sept Required Includes line through cable wrap - must interface with CMU team on this
CR20Spec and Purchase vacuum pump for pumped pot PM, GN Sept Reqired Note: Use the two Alcatels we have (?)
CR21Develop flowmeter for use at Winterover temps DC Sept Required Call Sean Casey or test one in dry ice
CR22Improve Dewar Shipping Protection JJ Oct Desirable Something betw. He-3 tanks and case; support "other end" of reservior (?)
Cryostat Monitoring and Control
CM1 Develop software for remote cryo. monitoring EL, JH July-Aug Required
CM2 Order all connectors & (teflon) cabling for CryoController functions PM, GN Aug Required Coord. w/ CMU on connectors & cable length
CM3 Complete Final Electronics/Cabling to run & sample internal temperature sensors PM, RH, GN Sept Required Includes testing 4-wire thermometry multiplexer box
CM4 Purchase and test electronic level sensor JH Sept-Oct Required
CM5 Complete Final Electronics/Cabling to heat charcoal pumps PM, RH, GN Oct Required construction done by NU Chem E-shop
CM6 Complete Final Electronics/Cabling to run & sample He-3 pressure sensors PM, RH, GN Oct Required construction done by NU Chem E-shop
Cold Electronics
CE1 Test Spare Cold Cable GN July Desirable -
CE2 Obtain load curves GN July Required
CE3 Investigate issue of bad JFETs (shorted gates) JW, DC, RH, GN, JH July-Aug Required JW communicate w/ supplier, DC tests
CE4 Fix bad pixels GN, JW, RH, DC, JH July-Aug- Sept Required 1 broken wire, 1 bad JFET, other (?)
CE5 Reduce/Eliminate Microphonics DC, JJ July-Aug- Sept Required
CE6 Complete testing of cold electronics DC, JH, GN July-Aug- Sept Required List of...
CE7 Rework wing support for T-channel GN Aug Required Involves removing tensioned wires
CE9 Build spare JFET box GN, JJ, RH Sept Required -
CE10 Remove copper wires from JFET boxes RH Sept Desirable -
CE11Develop temperature control system for JFETs GN Sept Required External wiring may cause noise pickup. Aviod if poss.
CE12 Assemble cold elec. documentation (pinouts, etc.) and put on Web page GN, JH Sept Required -
PR1 Test all channels for noise, gain TR, JH July-Aug Required
PR2Procure battery chargers TR Aug Required Needed also for data system (Wirth can advise)
PR3Assemble preamp documentation (pinouts, etc.) and put on Web page TR Aug Required -
PR4Build preamp battery boxes and cables for S. Pole RH, PM Sept Required Size/length TBD. Cables must be cold-proof
PR5 Implement and Test Preamp heating & temp monitoring TR, PM Sept-Oct Required
Data System Hardware
DH1 Test/Debug SPARO Data System GN, JW, RH, JH Aug Required Tom's email...
DH2Build data system battery boxes and cables for S. Pole RH, PM Aug Required Location/length TBD. Cables must be cold-proof
DH3Procure optical fibers for S. Pole & spares RH Aug Required Length determined by Viper expt. Must be cold-proof.
DH4Temperature monitoring for data system PM, GN Aug Required CMU system may do this for their box
DH5 Assemble data system documentation (pinouts, etc.) and put on Web page JW, RH Aug Required -
DH6Add gain control capability RH, JW, GN Aug-Sept Required Requires adding optical isolators
DH7 Build spare Viper data system enclosure/insulator GN Sept Required Interface with CMU.
DH8Purchase Disks/Monitors for S. Pole PM, GN Sept-Oct Required RL is the expert (GN has notes)
DH9 Test/Debug SPARO Data System spares PM, GN Sept-Oct Required Every component needs to have a spare
Data System Software
DS1 Program Data Computer to interface with telescope RL Sept-Oct Required
DS2 Test/Debug SPARO Data System Software GN Oct Required
DS3 Update existing data system software documentation on Web page GN Oct Required -
OP1A/R coating on all lenses, hwp GN July Required Procure poly array lens (?)
OP2Design Optical Bench TR July Required
OP3Calculate precise focus TR July Desirable thermal contraction included
OP4Optics documentation -> Web page TR July Required
OP5New Huntington for Blankoff wheel TR July Required need turns counter
OP6Procure new HWP indexer JW July Required
OP7Design Grid Adjusters JJ, GN July-Aug Required
OP8Order/Install filters for 450 micron operation GN July-Aug- Sept Required order blocker in July? Start w/ CSO blockers. Any changes must be tested.
OP9Order connectors & (teflon) cabling for half-wave controller PM, GN Aug Required Coord. w/ CMU on connectors/cable length
OP10Construct Grid Adjusters JJ Aug Required
OP11Build Optical Bench TR Aug Required
OP12Rebuild Array Lens Holders GN, JJ Aug Desirable
OP13 Reinstall 450 micron Cones DC Aug Required New washer & screw
OP14Move hold-down screws on mirror further from beam GN Aug Desirable
OP15Complete/Install HWP Encoder TR, GN Aug Required Minor redesign of entire snout/hwp assy. req'd
OP16Program HWP monitoring via encoder feedback EL, GN Aug Required
OP17Perform Optical Tests TR Aug-Sept- Oct Required List of tests...
OP18 Cold-testing/heating of Huntington motor PM, GN Sept Required Goddard system had failures of this component
OP19Test new software/hardware for HWP moves TR Sept Required Must test for noise too
OP20Construct cabling for half-wave controller PM, RH, GN Oct Required Some construction carried out by NU Chem E-shop
System Testing
ST2Measure noise with system fully integrated GN, DC, TR, JH Aug-Sept-Oct Required
ST2Test remote hwp control TR Oct Required
ST3test remote operation of data system GN, PM Oct Required
Polar Operations Planning
PO1 Training the Winter-over scientist (GG) GN, TR, DC Aug-Sept Required Presumably some at NU
PO2Develop equipment & procedures to permit on telescope testing at pole TR, GN Sep Required List of tests...
PO3Construct equipment to permit on telescope testing at pole JJ Oct Required
PO4Data Analysis Software Development DC Oct Desirable What is needed(?)
PO5 Documentation / Cook Book development GN Oct Required How much is needed? Exclusively on Web(?)
Other Tasks
OT1Finalize plan for SPARO computer system GN, RL July Required data system, hwp control, cryo monitor, heating of SPARO components, Viper systems and status. Control from dome.
OT2Finalize plan for controlling Viper chopper GN Oct Required Consult with Jeff P. - prob. just need arb. func. gen.
OT1Procure new condensing mirror for Viper GN Sept Desirable Jeff P. will specify - GN will order
OT2Develop centralized system for servo-control of heat to all systems GN Sept-Oct Required a/d box, preamps, motors, He-3 components, other. (not incl. JFETs).
OT3Specify and order more crates GN Oct Required Surplus(?)

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