List of tasks that could possibly be automated, as discussed by Greg and Jeff

	- azimuth : royal pain in the arse right now because of
	  intermittent failures, but that may change soon 

	- snow removal : with dry air (jeff suggests nitrogen) blowing on
          at least the tertiary, possibly the primary

	- coarse actuator change : so much snow accumulates on the coarse
          actuator bellows that a winter actuator change requires a bit of 
          brushing and TLC. We need to rethink the actuator coverings if
	      we ever want to be able to switch actuator positions remotely.
Greg says:  Jeff says that switching actuator positions in the
way we would like (without spilling our helium) may be
possible. It sounds like it is a matter of someone trying it
out and watching it with one hand on the kill button. The
software changes will not be hard (in fact, now that I think
about it, it is probably just be a matter of going to the
"elevation limits" menu option and changing the two stow
locations. I have to think about it).

        - cryogenics : not much more we can do about this. Timbuktu and
          the X10 help a lot.

	- batteries : again, not much we can do. But this is only 
          every 1.5-2 days.

Giles says: we expect 2-4 days with new batteries.  They are
in SPARO closet and are labelled clearly as "2000" batteries. 
Preamp batteries may be on floor - others are on top shelf on
right as you go in to closet

	- chopper amplitude : will we ever be changing the throw on a
          regular basis? Is it worth controlling this via GPIB port?
Giles says: doubtful