Miscellaneous photos

From left to right: snout with field lens, half-wave plate cell, mirror holder, filter and pupil lens and holders, grids and one grid holder. Mounted at the top of the "optics shelves" is the blank-off wheel.
SPARO insides: Fall 1999. Note grid adjuster shaft on the right.
small image & large image--SPARO optics and electronics all installed. Photo taken at CSO in April 1998. Adjustable grid not yet installed. Lenses in front of detectors are no longer used.
small image & large image--Optics module in April 1998, before installation of adjustable grid.
Photo of grid.
shaft1a.jpg shaft2a.jpg
Photo of rails. SPARO installed on Viper in Winter 2000. See SPOC e-mail for details.