To use the moon as the calibration source, we need to know the brightness temperature in the center of moon as a function of its phase. Mangum(1992) worked out such a function on the basis of a model developed by Krotikov, Troitskii(1964), and Linsky(1966,1973). Which assume that the lunar surface is smooth and uniform with temperature- and depth-independent thermal properties. It has been proved that the main uncertainty, resulting from the assumption, will not affect the brightness temperature too much.








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Polarization of Moon thermal emission


There are two different cases of reflection polarization. In one case the electric vector in is parallel to the plane of incidence, called the p polarization. In the other case the electric vector is perpendicular to the plane of incidence, called the s polarization.


If we define and , Fresnel's formulas are:

andwhere n is indices of refraction.

Then ep=1- rp and es=1- rs are the fractions which will be absorbed. Suppose that all the absorbed energy will be emitted later, the emissivity will be equal to absorbability. So, the polarization = (es^2-ep^2)/(es^2+ep^2).

Asumeing that Moon surface is smooth and given a value of n (or dielectric constsnt ), we can predict the polarization of thermal emission:

But this can't be observed by SPARO, since SPARO has a beam size~5'. The following graph shows the averaged polarization over the beam:

Comparing with the polarization observed by SPARO on 4/25/2000, it seems showing that Moon surface has a dielectric constant ~ 1.3

Here is a comparison of dielectric constants at different wave length, note that the blue ones include some compensation for roughness:

From i to o are the "reflection" measurements :

i, j, l, and m : Evans (1963,64)

k : Davies (1966)

n : Rea (1964)

o : Tyler (1968)



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