Bob Loewenstein's command list of Jan 2000

All commands and keywords are case insensitive.

Syntax is a lone command or a command with keywords; no keywords without a command.
Keywords are executed first, the command last.



goPol goPhot sync abort limit setTime reset initHWP FlipPhase QuadPhase abortHWP

Generic Commands

(These do nothing but send an 'OK' back to control, except for 'set' which will move HWP if used with keyword 'hwp'.)

continue hk


All keywords execute before the command. A generic command for keywords is set: or hk:....each will send an ok response back to viper.

ra1 ra2 dec1 dec2 epoch nints chopsPerFrame framesPerInt secondsPerInt utime uDate Phase hwpdelay hwp hwpAngle attenuate newDir beam

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